Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – most of the time. We will assess your particular scenario in our free consultation call. Sometimes you may need to migrate, but often this is a simple and affordable task. 

WordPress is a file management system installed wherever you want it – Dreamhost, GoDaddy, or a private server at the CIA. It’s just folders and files named in the same way. Within a WordPress environment, you have access to excellent freemium software plugins that are maintained by developers worldwide.  It’s increasingly expandable, supporting 40% of global websites. You are able to cherry-pick the functionality you need without overpaying for extras.

Absolutely. E-commerce systems are surprisingly approachable to understand and integrate into modern web designs. You will need to have accounts with your payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, etc.). 

We have built sites ranging in price from $0-$20,000. For common brochure or e-commerce functionality, your site is likely to land in the $500-$2000 zone.

Absolutely! We want you happily creating whatever it is that you create without having to worry about your online presence too much. If you hire a new team member, that page will be easy to copy/paste into. If you change office spaces, our builds will allow you to update the google map and addresses effortlessly. You won’t need us after we are done working together until you want to add new functionality.

We offer a variety of maintenance and backup plans to secure your site and keep it fresh.